mKisan Success Stories

Farmer:Yogesh Rameshwar Lulle
State: Maharashtra
Mobile: +91-7350076495
Crop: Turmeric
Advisory given on: Turmeric farming
Benefits obtained: I am Yogesh Rameshwar Lulle, from Maharashtra; I am using this service since April this year. I got good advices on Turmeric farming and this year I have earned INR 30,000 from my one acre plot. I am very happy; mKisan is a real friend of kisan.
Farmer:Arjun Aharwal
State: Madhya Pradesh
Mobile: +91-7869156269
Crop: Chickpea/gram
Advisory given on: Chickpea farming
Benefits obtained: I am using mKisan service since June last year. Because of timely tips, I got from mKisan, I could increase yield of my gram crop by 25% this year and earned additional INR 50,000. Mobile advisory service is a boon for us, the farmers; more of us should take benefit of this.
Farmer:Sanjay Yahulla
State: Uttar Pradesh
Mobile: +91-7387036999
Animal: Goat
Advisory given on: Breeding, feeding, general care and disease management of goat
Benefits obtained: I subscribed this service in April this year. I keep goats and I get to know many information about goats, such as good breeds, feeding and diseases etc. from mKisan service. My milk production has increased by 35% and now I can earn INR 150-200 per day. The main good thing about this service is that we can get any information right from home, any time.