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Farmer: Navrang Lal Ji
State: Rajasthan (Western India)
Problem faced: Weakness in Buffalo, low yield in milk.
Region: Dodasara (Churu)
Mobile: 9928826440
Solution given: Himalaya batisa 50 gm, anaraczone 2 tab mixed with sugar lump – once in a day for three days to the buffalo.
Benefits obtained: Healthy buffalo, increased milk yield.
Net increase in income: INR 3721.32 / month
Farmer Name: Nagappa
State: Karnataka (Southern India)
Problem faced: Plants are not flowering
Region: Kudarimothi (Koppal)
Mobile: 9611430225
Crop: Crossandra Flower crop
Solution given: Spray of Calaxin @0.5 ml/litre water
Benefits obtained: Started getting 5-6 kg flowers every day from 0.2 ha area
Net increase in income: INR 14874.09/month
Farmer Name: Ajay Kumar Ji
State: Rajasthan
Problem faced: Low milk yield by buffalo of good breed
Region: Jalor (Jodhpur)
Mobile: 9680390177
Animal: Buffalo
Solution given: Give Kalshakati 200 ml daily for 2 month, 35 gm Daily Agrimin powder and give home-made feed. For home-made feed prepare a mixture of 1 kg Chapad,1 kg Moong Chure, 1kg Daleya of Maize, 1 kg Groundnut cake,1kg Mustard cake,1 kg Till cake, 1 kg Grind cotton seeds and add 50 gm Salt.
Benefits obtained: Milk yield and fat increased
Net increase in income: INR 3700/month
Farmer Name: M. Lakshman
State: Andhra Pradesh
Problem faced: Control and management of fruit borer in chilli when the crop is at its young stage / age
Region: Sariavalasa (Vizianagaram)
Mobile: 9502144490
Crop: Chilli
Solution given: Use bird perches by installing "t" shaped sticks of about 4-6 per acre which will act as a platform for the birds to sit on it. This will help the birds to find the pest easily on the crop. Secondly, spray 2ml per litre quinolphos twice at the interval of 7 days on the crop.
Benefits obtained: Improvement in the quality and quantity of the chilli and yield increased by 100kg.
Net increase in income: INR 10,380/ Year
Farmer Name: Muktara singh
State: Punjab
Problem faced: Mandi rate of cotton crop
Region: Brugh
Mobile: 9815537607
Crop: Cotton
Solution given: Average rate of cotton in Punjab mandi varies from INR 3500 to 4570 per quintal
Benefits obtained: Sold cotton at good price
Net increase in income: INR 250/ Month
Farmer Name: Hemaram Ji
State: Rajasthan
Problem faced: Irrigation of ground nut crop and insects attack
Region: Kitasar (Bikaner)
Mobile: 9680014120
Crop: Groundnut
Solution given: According to IMD rain fall will occur and spread 2% methyl parathion, 25 kg /ha for insect control.
Benefits obtained: High yield
Net increase in income: INR 38,032/year
Farmer Name: C. K. Das
State: Bihar
Problem faced: Fungal attack on mango fruits
Region: Banasai (Bhagalpur)
Mobile: 9955580648
Crop: Mango
Solution given: Spray S @ 3 g per litre plus mancozeb @ 2.5 g per litre of water.
Benefits obtained: Fruits were fresh and gave good commercial value.
Net increase in income: INR 24764
Farmer Name: Akhilesh Kumar
State: Bihar
Problem faced: Aglaxia problem in buffalo and not giving milk
Region: Jastali (Muzzafarpur)
Mobile: 8809836763
Animal: Buffalo
Solution given: Give Gallog- 40 bolus, 4 bolus daily for 10 days or lactomix AD3 Gold (2 ltr) 100 ml daily.
Benefits obtained: Buffalo started giving milk.
Net increase in income: INR 4860
Farmer Name: Md. Ruhul Amin
State: West Bengal
Problem faced: The leaves of the plants are turned red and after that the growths of the plants are stunted.
Region: Marakpur (North 24 Paragana)
Mobile: 9800237464
Crop: Yam
Solution given: Apply Chelated Zn @ 2 gm per litre of water and spray two times in the field. It is need to spray 2 times at an interval of 25 days.
Benefits obtained: Production of fresh and good size of yam having good market value
Net increase in income: INR 144
Farmer Name: Harcharan singh
State: UP West
Problem faced: Intercropping of Black gram (Urd beans) in autumn
Region: Mahamudpur (Meerut)
Mobile: 9897305511
Crop: Black gram
Solution given: sow Black gram with sugarcane crop in 2:1 ratio (1 row of Black gram between 2 row of Sugarcane)
Benefits obtained: Improvement in production
Net increase in income: INR 8775
Farmer Name: Jethabhai
State: Gujarat
Problem faced: leaf curl disease in chilli crop
Region: Tharad, banaskantha
Mobile: 9662292613
Crop: Chilli
Solution given: This disease is transmitted by sucking pest like thrips and whitefly. To control of these pests; spraying of trizophos or bifenthrin 20ml per pump is recommended.
Benefits obtained: Increase in production is 200kg more than normal practice. There is 11.11% increase in production.
Net increase in income: 4800 INR
Farmer: Mubarak Ali
State: West Bengal
Problem faced: Basal rot of groundnut plants
Region: Khanakul
Mobile: 9800819334
Crop: Groundnut
Solution given: Suggested farmer, to apply Metalaxil 8% and Mancozeb 64% WP (ready mix) as Ridomil or Krilaxil Gold at 2.5 g per lit of water along with sticker twice at 15 days interval to get rid of from these disease.
Benefits obtained: Farmer harvested 70 kg more Groundnut pods than his expectation.
Net increase in income: 1890 INR
Farmer: Raghupathi
State: Andhra Pradesh
Problem faced: Development of black sooty mould due to honeydew excretion on infested parts of crop
Region: Warangal
Mobile: 9000748460
Solution given: Suggested for Stem application with Imidacloprid 200 SL 1: 20 with water using brush.
Benefits obtained: Yield increased by 1 quintal per acre and the reduction in the cost is 1040 INR per acre
Net increase in income: 15900 INR
Farmer: Tekhubha
State: Gujarat
Problem faced: Water melons are drying, so how to control it?
Region: Kankrej Banaskantha
Mobile: 9558300630
Crop: Water melons
Solution given: Expert suggested give irrigation early morning and evening and drenching metalexil + mencozeb 25 ml/10 liter of water.
Benefits obtained: Yield received is 18,500kg/0.5ha. Increase in production is 1200 kg more than normal practice i.e. 6.48%
Net increase in income: 10800 INR