Direct2Farm service has amalgamated various ICT tools to effectively deliver information to various target user groups according to their information need and usage. The inbuilt interoperability of Direct2Farm platform will ensure the convergence of various content formats and different delivery media for delivering information.

Direct2Farm service will be primarily made available to the end-users in following ways:

  • Digital Repository: Agriculture information, especially extension information is widely dispersed across various institutions. Direct2Farm knowledge repository makes all these information available through a single window for the users. This repository is just like a “plug & play” infomediary platform where NGO-s, development projects, extension system, agribusiness etc. can create customised content for their target intervention group and use the agro-advisory or the cloud contact centre service to disseminate them.
  • Agro-advisory through Mobile Phones: Under this service, most relevant, contextualized and high quality information will be made available to the users through mobiles phone in both voice and text formats. It will also enable users to send queries or listen/read bulletins tailor made as per their profile. It can also be readily used as an agro-advisory platform by the conventional extension system by connecting the farmers with the extension agents, thus maximize their coverage and impact.
  • Cloud contact centre (Helpline): Direct2Farm will make possible for the farmers to consult agriculture scientists and experts directly through the helpline. It will minimize the operation cost of running a physical contact centre and will also establish direct contact between farmers and scientists which would enhance the information sharing process.
  • Tailor made analytics for better decision making: Direct2Farm is the only infomediary service backstopped with the experience and expertise of CABI, internationally acclaimed for its scientific research and information management. Direct2Farm will use this expertise to create tailor made analytics for the policy makers, agribusinesses etc so that better and informed decisions can be taken for policy or business planning. Direct2Farm has the capacity to collect data from the field in real-time, which are otherwise very difficult to capture, which makes it an invaluable knowledge partner.