Direct2Farm Advantages

Direct2Farm is an infomediary service which can act as an application box and just need to be plugged in to the extension system for enabling it with latest ICT-s like mobile technology for delivering and managing high quality information exchange.

It will significantly help Mobile Network Operators, development projects, NGO-s and organisations working in agriculture sectors in saving their cost and time in infrastructure and operations as they will not need to build up their own system from scratch.

Direct2Farm is back-stopped by the scientific expertise of CABI, an international organization, which is globally respected for its research and information management capabilities. This means;

  • Availability of high quality information which are authentic and validated
  • Scientific backstopping to service providers, when needed.
  • Development of customized scientific tools and applications, specific to project/service needs.
  • Customized analytics and reports for effective decision making by businesses or policy makers.

In long term, Direct2Farm is also expected to foster the development of a new breed of Info-entrepreneurs at grassroots level, thus catalysing self-reliance for rural youths.